Adriana Tanzimat

Property Manager

Driven, focused, and highly motivated, Property Manager Adriana Tanzimat sees her role as helping people with decisions in their lives and bringing a deep understanding of property knowledge and excellent customer services for both the sales and rental side of things.

Adriana is a natural when it comes to relating to people from all walks of life, having such a deep level of compassion for others, and always wanting to be a beacon of true and genuine support for not only her team but others in the community. With her bubbly and infectious personality, Adriana has a soothing and calming approach when dealing with heated conflicts that may come her way and is able to handle high-pressure situations very easily.

Adriana seizes every opportunity that comes her way to learn new things and maximize her client’s relationships and brings out the best results in the people she deals with daily. When she isn’t in the office, Adriana likes to balance her time with the things she loves like spending her time at the gym, eating homemade food, and snacking some sweets, especially donuts when there is a chance to enjoy them, loves her football team the Geelong Cats, hanging out with friends and family and listening to BTS!

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